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PROJECT: A rhyming, 8-page book for preschool children, to promote the city's Soda- Free Summer campaign.


Click here to watch Jennifer Seibel Newsom, the First Lady of San Francisco, read the story to preschoolers at the program’s launch.





One hot and sunny summer day, some kids were outside playing.
They ran and jumped and slipped and slid, and then they started saying,




“We’re thirsty!” said a girl in green. “We need something to drink!”
“We’re hot! We’re sweaty! We want soda!” said a boy in pink.


“WE WANT SODA!” said all the kids. “We’re thirsty! We feel weak!”
Then something splashed and bounced and jumped out of the nearby creek.


It was an otter! A funny otter! Big and fine and friendly.
He slapped his tail. He clapped his hands. He cleared his throat and then he

said, “You’re thirsty, kids? You want a drink? Well, guess what? I do, too!
But soda’s not the answer! Not for me and not for you.”


“I know you like the way it tastes. It’s sweet and kind of yummy.
But some things in soda aren’t so good. In fact, they’re downright crummy.”


“Crummy?” asked the kids. And on that sunny summer day, they all sat down. They wondered what this otter had to say.


“A little sugar’s fine,” he said. “A little isn’t bad. But too much sugar ISN’T good. It makes our bodies sad.

Too much sugar can hurt our teeth, and make us act all crazy.
Too much can ruin our energy, and make us tired and lazy.


And soda has more spoons of sugar in it than you’d think.
1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 
8, 9, 10! In just one drink!”


“10 spoons! That’s way too many! It’s more than just a treat!
It’s bad for us from top to toe—from our heads down to our feet.”


“We didn’t know that!” said the kids. “We see that you are right.
We love our bodies and our teeth. We do! With all our might!


But we’re so hot and thirsty! We’re thirsty through and through!
Our throats are dry! We want to cry! Oh Otter, what should we do?”


“Drink water!” said the otter! “It’s clean and fresh and cool!
Drink water when you’re thirsty! That’s the Otter Rule!


Water helps us keep our bodies strong and feeling good
It helps our teeth and muscles to stay healthy, like they should.


And best of all—water is free! No one has to buy it!
Drink water when you’re thirsty, kids. You’ll like it if you try it!


Drink water!” said the otter. And the kids all yelled, “Okay!”
And then the otter dove in the water, smiled, and swam away.



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